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AIM Network exists to support municipalities in Atlantic Canada with Asset Management planning. Most smaller communities have limited funding and in-house resources requiring easy-to-use low-cost software solutions. The AIMnet Solution was developed to accommodate these needs.

AIM Network works closely with asset management planning experts in identifying and developing open source software tools and methodologies to build the AIMnet Solution. AIM Network draws on the assistance of municipal staff with asset management experience, colleges and universities, along with software experts to contribute to the improvement and development of these tools.

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All the software tools are made available for free to the community and are distributed under open source software license agreements.


Additional Resources

  • For an overview of the AIMnet Solution, click here.

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  • To view a PowerPoint presentation on the AIMnet Solution, click here.

  • To become a contributor to the AIMnet Toolkit, click here.

  • To find an AIMnet supporting consultant, click here.

  • To become an AIMnet supporting consultant, click here.

  • To learn about the AIMnet Technical Committee, click here.

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