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Call for Presentations

 2022 Atlantic 

Asset Management 


The Atlantic Infrastructure Management (AIM) Network is calling on asset management practitioners in Atlantic Canada to share their stories and successes at the Atlantic Asset Management Conference in

Charlottetown, PEI from September 12th - 14th, 2022.

Join your peers and share your AM journey as we explore the theme

"Gaining and Sustaining

Momentum ... Together!"

1. Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation - Climate change is a constant threat to our communities but presents exciting new opportunities to rethink how we manage infrastructure to provide services. How have you addressed climate driven vulnerabilities within your community? Did “COVID” working from home create any opportunities for mitigation?

2. Asset Management Culture & Processes - How are you changing the culture in your organization? What new processes have you implemented? Do you have any success stories on changing your organizations’ processes to approach Asset Management strategically instead of reactively? Do your day-to-day decisions align with your municipal strategy?

3. Matching Infrastructure Needs to Delivery of Services -The COVID19 pandemic has seen people re-discover their local communities, creating new demands and service expectations. There has been a move to rural communities, creating changing expectations and needs for services. Local assets are being used differently and level of service expectations are changing rapidly. How do we measure community service expectations and forecast investment needs to keep pace?


4. Natural Assets and Green Infrastructure - Often overlooked as an asset, our natural environment delivers key services such as stormwater management, outdoor recreation, and culture. How has your organization brought natural assets and green infrastructure into your asset management program?


5. Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement - How has your organization created communication channels within and outside your community (e.g., public engagement, neighbouring communities) to identify needs, opportunities and communicate the value of infrastructure and solicit input to your decision-making processes? How do you communicate your current state of infrastructure and the impact of long-term investment strategies on levels of service delivery?


6. AM and Infrastructure Innovation - Asset management processes and technology are constantly evolving. Have you pushed the field forward or implemented a new and exciting technology to manage your assets? Have you developed an innovative approach to manage your infrastructure?

Please submit an abstract (maximum 250 words) outlining details of your presentation including the topic/presentation title, project description, presenters, and presentation type to Submissions should include presenter biographies (maximum 250 words).


Limited Spots Available

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline

June 17, 2022

Acceptance Notification

July 15, 2022

Presentation Date

September 13 or 14, 2022

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