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Call for Presentations

 2024 Atlantic 

Asset Management 


Come share your stories and successes at AIM Network’s Atlantic Asset Management Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland on November 25 – 27 this year as we focus on our conference theme: 

We are living through an era where emerging and evolving challenges are impacting us locally. Our infrastructure stands on the front lines of protecting our communities. Together, we will explore innovative approaches to approaching these issues, while brushing up on the best practices when managing our communities assets.

We invite you to show off your community’s achievements by sharing experience with your peers. If you are a vendor or supplier, we ask that you partner with a municipal or First Nations client to present a case study relevant to your abstract.  

This year’s conference has four topic streams and four possible formats. Please indicate the topic stream and your preferred format. We have included a draft program outline with this email, but this program is flexible and may change depending on the number and types of abstracts we receive.

" Resilient Infrastructure, Resilient Communities "

Formats (Select one or suggest an alternate format for your presentation):

1. Technical PresentationThese are thirty-minute time slots, with twenty minutes of presentation and ten minutes for questions.  


2. WorkshopThese are hands-on exercises which combine a presentation and learning component along with an opportunity for attendees to put the content into practice through facilitated group exercises. 


3. Facilitated DiscussionsSometimes called a “fishbowl” discussion, two or three presenters begin a discussion with a three- or four-minute talk on a topic at the front of the room. Attendees can then carry on the conversation by replacing one of the initial speakers at the front.  


4. Idea Seeding / Crowdsourcing DiscussionPresenters will each be assigned a table. In fifteen minute segments, they present their topic for ten minutes, with the last five minutes held for audience discussion on the topic, their future need for support and any other ideas that come from the presentation. We will collect notes to help connections between peers and develop training and education opportunities.

Topical Streams (Select the most appropriate topical stream for your presentation):

Stream 1: Practical Asset Management – In the realm of Practical Asset Management, we delve into the foundational strategies and real-world applications that ensure our infrastructure serves us today and prepares us for tomorrow. This stream is dedicated to uncovering the nuts and bolts of asset management, from the basics to the advanced, showcasing successful case studies of program implementation across diverse communities. We invite presentations that highlight innovative methods, tools, and technologies that enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of assets. Whether it's through improved maintenance practices, innovative funding models, or integrating new technologies, share how your community or organization is setting standards in practical asset management.  

Stream 2: Collaborative Solutions – Collaborative Solutions spotlight the power of unity in facing the complex, emerging challenges of our times. This sub-theme celebrates the stories of partnership and synergy between departments, governments, and community groups, instilling a future of collective resilience. From joint ventures in infrastructure projects to shared services and intergovernmental agreements, we seek insights into how collaboration breaks down silos, leverages resources, and fosters innovation. Share your story of collaboration, the lessons learned, the hurdles overcome, and the successes achieved, to inspire a future where collaboration is not just a strategy but a culture. 


Stream 3: Pathways to Action– Pathways to Action is where vision transforms into reality, focusing on strategic, long-term initiatives that promise to shape the future of our communities. This sub-theme is a platform for presenting comprehensive strategies, policy innovations, and pilot projects that are designed with the future in mind. We are particularly interested in submissions that detail the planning, implementation, and monitoring of initiatives that address critical issues such as climate adaptation, sustainable development, and social equity. Share how your strategies and policies are paving the way for actionable change, creating a legacy of informed decision making and sustainability. 


Stream 4: Empowering Communities – Come join us in the celebration of success stories from across Atlantic Canada. This sub-theme serves as a showcase for communities to display their achievements, big and small, in creating resilient and thriving places to live, work, and play. Whether it's through engaging citizens in decision-making, leveraging local knowledge in planning, or innovative community-led projects, we want to hear how you're making a difference. Share your journey of empowerment, the impact of your initiatives, and how you are inspiring others to take action and make a positive change in their own communities. 

Please submit an abstract (maximum 250 words) outlining details of your presentation including the topic/presentation title, project description, presenters, and presentation type to Submissions should include presenter biographies (maximum 250 words).


Limited Spots Available

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline

August 30, 2024

Acceptance Notification

September 30, 2024

Presentation Date

November 26 or 27, 2024

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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