NEWS UPDATE: Canadian Asset Management Leaders Develop Collaborative Framework


AIM Network events provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration among municipal staff, elected officials and others who wish to improve asset management planning and practices for municipalities in Atlantic Canada.

FALL 2017

Getting Started with Asset Management Planning (Workshops for Municipal STAFF) will guide participants through the asset management process. A step-by-step approach will be taken using practical examples. Participants will be provided with a Handbook to take away. Any staff person involved in infrastructure planning will benefit from these workshops including CAO’s, public works staff, treatment plant managers, engineers, financial officers, GIS staff and others.

Leadership through Asset Management – Workshops intended for Elected Officials and CAOs will focus on the critical role of leaders in the asset management process – what it means, what elected officials can do to provide this leadership and how your municipality will benefit. It will also include topics such as developing an asset management policy and how to engage the public in making decisions about services. Christina Benty, former Mayor of the Town of Golden, BC – a lively and entertaining speaker, will be the key presenter at these workshops.

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