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The final course in this workshop series brings together the previous work into a five-year capital plan that can be taken to your community leaders. We recommend that anyone taking this course has completed training in risk assessment and level of service assessment (provided here in Course 2 and Course 3), as these will be critical elements of balancing the need for infrastructure replacement and service delivery goals. 

The capital planning process will take your risk based infrastructure demand projections and undergo a process to align your scheduled projects with available infrastructure funding. We will discuss funding strategies to manage thenecessary revenue from taxes and rate setting. We will discuss how to present shortfalls in funding in terms of risk and level of service. Developing the plan will also consider your actual financial situation, including debt servicing requirements and reserve funding. 

The outcome will be a five-year capital plan that proposes a project schedule that can be achieved with your current budgeting strategy,  and identifies the impacts to risk to service delivery and levels of service based on the planned investment. We will also look at how to consider sustainable investment demands over longer periods (20 to 50 years) and how this can prevent unwanted large expenditures or service risks in the future. 

Finally, we will help you prepare a presentation to take the plan to your council and engage them in the decision making process. 


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What you can expect:

Use your existing data and budgets to identify shorfalls in infrastructgure spending,

Understand the differences, pros and cons of replacement, rehabilitation and renewal as infrastructure strategies

Identify where levels of service can be adjusted to extend replacement timelines

Understand how to develop materials for public engagement on infrastructure investment

Balance your five-year projections with available investment and funding opportunities

Generate a five-year capital report with defined yearly projects and identify critical finance, funding and service impacts of the decisions

Presenter: Matt Delorme, P.Eng.

AIM Network Executive Director

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$250 ( + HST )

For more information contact:

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Workshop Course 5: Capital Planning

Bringing it all together: developing a sensible and defendible capital plan

This initiative is delivered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

AIM Network events provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration among municipal staff, elected officials and others who wish to improve asset management planning and practices for municipalities in Atlantic Canada.

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