Atlantic Infrastructure Management Network (AIM) is an Asset Management Community of Practice comprised of a network of individuals and organizations having interest in or responsibility for the management of municipal infrastructure in Atlantic Canada.

To strengthen and enhance the asset management planning capabilities of our participants, we facilitate:

exchange of information among provincial and municipal governments, associations and societies, consultants, and individuals

sharing of tools and knowledge, and

identification of best practices and development of strategies

AIM Network is the primary source of asset management knowledge sharing, resources and support for municipal governments in Atlantic Canada

Our Vision

Our Mission

To advance the practice of Asset Management in local governments in Atlantic Canada through network building, collaboration, partnerships, knowledge transfer and sharing of resources.

Our Values & Guiding Principles


Providing leadership in asset management practices


An open and inclusive environment for all sectors and individuals
interested in building and maintaining the practice of asset management in Atlantic Canada


Fostering collaboration among asset management practitioners, service providers, provincial governments and with other sectors or associations sharing our mission and goals.


Striving for alignment of our initiatives with the general direction for asset management outlined by the four Atlantic Provinces.


Ensuring sustainability of the practice of asset management

What We Do

Promote and support regional information sharing and collaboration on development of strategies and tools

Provide resources to support asset management planning

Plan conferences, workshops and other educational events and activities

Provide opportunities for networking and collaboration to improve the management of

public infrastructure for the betterment of our communities.

Provide as-needed support to asset management working groups in their initiatives.

Board of Directors


Robert Hughes

Chair & PEI Director

Dylan Heide Picture_edited.jpg

Dylan Heide

Vice-Chair & NS Director

Brian Hudson.png

Director NL


Danielle Charron

Director NB


Daisy Foster

Managing Director,