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Asset Management is not something that is done once and then completed.  It is a living process that is made to adapt as new information is received, as strategic priorities change and to keep a consistent approach to infrastructure management through staff and council changes. 

In the fourth instalment in AIM Network's Online Course series, we will tackle these challenges with processes and procedures that aim to make asset management decision making aseamless part of your decision making process. We will look at information flow, internal responsibilities and checklists to make sure that infrastructure decisions always consider the guidling principles that are contained in your asset management policy. 

We will also look at critical activities in managing your data to keep your asset management information up to date from year to year efficiently and with much less effort than is needed to set up your initial asset management porgram. 

July 24 - Sept 8,


Registration Open Now!

What you can expect:

Understand that asset management is a continuous process

Develop a continuous improvement program and assign responsibilities

Document your processes and key decision points

Learn critical data management activities and create an information management plan

Learn how to update your information and projections to adapt to changing needs

Presenter: Matt Delorme, P.Eng.

AIM Network Executive Director

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$250 ( + HST )

For more information contact:

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Workshop Course 4:

Managing Your Data - Keeping Your Program Current

Setting the stage for lon-term sustainability of your asset management program

This initiative is delivered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

AIM Network events provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration among municipal staff, elected officials and others who wish to improve asset management planning and practices for municipalities in Atlantic Canada.

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